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Simple Ways to Stop Porch Pirates

03 Jan Simple Ways to Stop Porch Pirates

With online shopping and home delivery options becoming increasingly more popular, the unfortunate occurrence of package theft is also becoming more common. Here are a few simple ways to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of porch piracy.

Hold your mail with the post office – this assures that no packages will be delivered to your door and you can pick up your packages directly at the post office.

Amazon and UPS delivery options – both services offer package lockers all across town to offer a more convenient and safe way to retrieve your packages.

Home security cameras – this may help deter thieves from stealing and will help police identify the suspect if they do steal.

Send packages to your work – easy solution to have your packages delivered securely.

Ask a neighbor for a favor – reciprocate the favor when they need it, keep an eye out for each others packages.

You can also leave lights on, park a car in the driveway, and avoid posting photos on social media that show you are away from home.

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Ashley Vella