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Garden Tasks Before The Holiday’s

10 Nov Garden Tasks Before The Holiday’s

To Do – Garden Tasks Before The Holiday’s

As we prepare for the transition from fall to winter, we also start preparing for the holiday season, which calls for a good time for a major garden cleanup! Here are some simple tasks to do to avoid any last-minute surprises while you are trying to enjoy the downtime of the season.

-Deal With Fallen LeavesĀ 

-Think About Mulch Beds

-Spread Fresh Gravel

-Clean Gutters

-Plan For Frost

-Empty and Store Containers

-Address Outdoor Safety Issues

-Winterize Outdoor Kitchen/BBQ’s

-Shut Off or Dial Back Irrigation Systems

-Clean and Cover Outdoor Furniture

-Sanitize Garden Tools

-Put Together a No-Fuss Outdoor Holiday Arrangement

Read in more detail about these tasks here – https://www.houzz.com/magazine/12-garden-tasks-to-do-before-the-holiday-rush-stsetivw-vs~128210843

Ashley Vella